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The Greatest Test in Texas Junior Tennis

2023 Singles Champions

Boys 12s Singles Champion

TristaAscenzo [1]

Boys 14s Singles Champion

Dylan Varughese [1]

Boys 16s Singles Champion

James Quattro [2]

Boys 18s Singles Champion

Jacob Golden [2]

Girls 12s Singles Champion

Zlata Shakhraichuk [3]

Girls 14s Singles Champion

Kayden Johnson [1]

Girls 16s Singles Champion

Aya Manning [3]

Girls 18s Singles Champion

Nadia Valdez [3]

2023 Doubles Champions

Boys 12s Doubles

Sebastian Zavala & Tristan Ascenzo [1]

Boys 14s Doubles

James Andrew Ross & Miguel Rooney [1]


Boys 16s Doubles

Aidan Xu & Allan Xu [12]


Boys 18s Doubles

Santiago Flyckt & Mateo Galvez [5]

Girls 12s Doubles

Aria Menon & Kendyl Mercer [4]


Girls 14s Doubles
Charlotte Lamb & Sara Shelhamer [2]


Girls 16s Doubles

Autumn Xu & Aya Manning [1]


Girls 18s Doubles

Elena Mireles & Sophie Schwartz [1]

Slam News

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