Players, Parents, and Coaches PLEASE READ CAREFULLY all the INFORMATION BELOW, it is a NEW SYSTEM. 



Waiver – In 2021 the Waiver is integrated as part of the registration process; you no longer have to complete a waiver outside of the registration process.


Tournament Format:

Size and Draw Format: SINGLES-12s will be limited to a maximum of 128 players per draw per gender. 14s,16s,and 18s will be limited to a maximum of 192 players per draw per gender. DOUBLES-12s will be limited to a maximum of 64 teams per draw per gender. 14s, 16s, and 18s will be limited to a maximum of 96 teams per draw per gender. Players may register for Doubles only but priority will be given to players also playing Singles. NOTE: draw sizes could change if court/facilities availability changes.

Scoring Format: SINGLES-All Main draw and playoffs matches will play Two tie-break sets, 10-point match tiebreak at one set all with Ad-scoring up until the Main draw quarterfinals, Main draw semifinals, finals, and 3rd and 4th playoff will play a full third set. All Consolation draw matches will play Two tie-break sets, 10-point match tiebreak at one set all with No-Ad scoring. DOUBLES-Single elimination draw that will play an 8 game pro-set with No-Ad scoring up until the quarterfinals and Two tie-break sets, 10-point match tiebreak at one set all with No-Ad scoring in the semifinals, finals, and 3rd and 4th playoff.


Draw Type: SINGLES-Feed-in championship to Quarterfinals (FIC-QF). DOUBLES-Single elimination (SE).


Player Selection: Top down by National Ranking List, this is a Closed event which means only players that claim Texas as their residency section can play. The list published on the Wednesday prior to the tournament closing registration will be used.  


Daily Match Schedule: Players may be required to play anywhere from 1 to 3 matches per day.


Late Entries: No late entries can be accepted in the new system.  Make sure you register timely and pass the word around to others.  


Alternate Process and Selection: Players that registered for the event within the allocated time (no late entries added as alternates) but are not selected during the selection process can email the tournament director by 8:00am on Tuesday (the day after selection), indicating they want to be considered as an alternate for the tournament.  Players that request to be considered as alternates cannot be actively registered in any other tournament on the same weekend of the tournament they are requesting to be considered as an alternate for.  Alternates will be selected top down by ranking. Notification of acceptance into the event can take place at any time that a spot becomes available. 


Seeding: Players are seeded from the top down from the National Ranking List: 

  1. Draw of 192 with 129-192 players 64 seeds

  2. Draw of 128 with 96-128 players 32 seeds 

  3. Draw of 128 with 65-95 players 16 seeds 

  4. Draw of 64 with 48-64 players 16 seeds 

  5. Draw of 64 with 33-47 players 8 seeds

  6. Draw of 32 with 24-32 players 8 seeds 

  7. Draw of 32 with 17-23 players 4 seeds

  8. Draw of 16 with 12-16 players 4 seeds

  9. Draw of 16 with 9-11 players 2 seeds

  10. Draw of 8 with 5-8 players 2 seeds 

  11. Draw of 4 with 3-4 players 2 seeds


Draws Made and Posted:

  1. Draws made anytime between 7 to 5 days from the start of the Tournament (Anytime between the Saturday to Monday before the start of the Tournament)

  2. Draws with scheduled match times to be posted by 12:00 noon on Wednesday prior to the start of the Tournament

Tournament Sites Posted: Tournament sites posted, with breakdown of age group(s) playing at the site(s), by 12:00 noon on Tuesday prior to the start of the Tournament.


Avoidances: First round avoidances, by zip code (4 digits), will be used but can not be guaranteed. 


Registration in Multiple Events: USTA Texas is not allowing, even with approval from Tournament Directors, for a player to enter two tournaments at the same time. When entries close, a player shall not be entered in two or more sanctioned tournaments, if any part of the tournaments overlap. After a player has been eliminated from a tournament whose schedule of play partially overlaps with that of a second tournament, the player may enter the second tournament. Friend at Court Page 105 Failure to comply will result in 5 penalty points per violation as stated in the Friend at Court on page 114 Table 17. Link to Friend at Court


Officials: 1 Official to every 6 to 8 courts per site. These are roving officials players should not have the expectation that officials can be on their court for the duration of a match.


Balls: Three (3) new balls must be provided for each match.


Singles Sticks: Singles sticks are required for all Singles matches.


Note: You will notice that your credit card will not be charged until the tournament registration has closed and the Player Selection process is completed. Players are limited to have ONE active registration per weekend of competition (Players cannot be actively registered for more than 1 tournament per weekend). The system will not accept late entries.


USTA Texas Inclement Weather Refund Policy: If a sanctioned USTA Texas tournament has inclement weather, where a division is unable to start a match (not a point played) then a $20 Tennis Express Gift Certificate will be sent to participants of the division.


COVID-19 Safety Recommendations


Important Registration Tips

  • If you are encountering issues registering, please see this Customer Care article on Registering Your Child for a Tournament

  • If you need to add your child to your USTA Account, so that you can register them for the tournament, please see this Customer Care article on How to Add a Child to Your USTA Account

  • If you run into further issues with registration, please contact USTA’s Customer Care at or 1-800-990-8782, for assistance. Please make sure to include the Tournament Director on your email to Customer Care.


How to Withdraw from a Tournament and Refunds

  • Link to Withdrawal Process Instructions

  • There are No Refunds if you do not withdraw before registration closes through the system. We understand this is a new system, but everyone needs to do a little more to make sure they are aware of important deadlines and your intentions.  

Behavior Expected from Players and Spectators 


Player Oath 

  1. Players are required to read, out loud, the Player Oath prior to their first match of the day.

  2. Players are required to sign, after reading the Player Oath, acknowledging their understanding and commitment to the Oath at all times during the Tournament. Follow this Link to Player Oath 12-18


12 Hour Rest Between Tournament Days Guideline

  1. This is a guideline that will be accommodated as often as possible. Please understand that there will be instances in which the tournament scheduling will not allow for the guideline to be followed. Link to Friend at Court  Guideline can be found on Page 89


Tournament Appeals Committee Information  Friend at Court Page 48 


Follow this Link for Additional USTA Texas Tournaments Information and Scheduling