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Wednesday's Player of the Day: Cate Stephenson

Congratulations to Tuesday's Texas Slam Player of the Day, Cate Stephenson of Dallas! She's competing in girls 16s Singles and Doubles with her partner Isabel.


Girls 16s

Nominated by:

Lauren Nolan

Why she was nominated:

She was the nicest person with the most fair calls and amazing sportsmanship.

Why she was chosen as Player of the Day:

The best show of sportsmanship and being a gracious competitor is your attitude and behavior when you are not winning. Cate displayed kindness, respect, and integrity and for this reason has been chosen as Player of the Day.

Players of the Day at the Texas Slam 2023 will receive a Diadem bag and a gift card from Uptown Tennis.

This year anyone can submit Player of the Day nominations throughout the Texas Slam.

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