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Monday's Player of the Day: Jazmyne Ford-Schartner

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Congratulations to Monday's Texas Slam Player of the Day, Jazmyne Ford-Schartner of Fair Oaks Ranch! She's competing in Girls 16s Singles and Doubles with her partner Anaiah.


Girls 16s

Nominated by:

Amber Ford-Schartner, Faith Tufono, Dwayne Hardy, Rudy Bonilla, Antionette Ford

Why she was nominated:

She truly showed what a junior should and does look like by being respectful towards the court her opponents and the game of tennis. - Ford-Schartner

Jazmyne showed that she can keep good sportsmanship while at high level. - Tufono

Outstanding effort on the court in spite of help from teammates. - Hardy

Jazmyne showed great sportsmanship on and off the court and she was also very patient and respectful to all of the usta staff! - Bonilla

She’s a smart, intelligent great dedicated team player. - Ford

Why she was chosen as Player of the Day:

It is obvious that Jazmyne has a great support system, and consistently displays the tenants of respect, fairness, and integrity. We want to thank her for being an excellent role model on and off the court, and present her as Player of the Day.

Players of the Day at the Texas Slam 2023 will receive a Diadem bag and a gift card from Uptown Tennis.

This year anyone can submit Player of the Day nominations throughout the Texas Slam.

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