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Saturday's Player of the Day: Valentina Franck

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Congratulations to Saturday's Texas Slam Player of the Day, Valentina Franck of San Antonio. She's the 13 Seed in Girls 12s Singles and is the 2 seed in Girls 12s Doubles with her partner Stella.


Girls 12U

Nominated by:

Melissa Chambers

Why she was nominated:

[Valentina was] resilient & hard working even when points did not go her way. [She] congratulated her opponent on good shots until the last point of the match.

Why she was chosen as Player of the Day:

Valentina displayed the qualities of being a good sport, not only in her words but also her actions. She had a tough match that could have gone either way, but throughout kept her composure while also maintaining a positive attitude toward her opponent. We are proud to recognize her efforts and pleased to announce her as the Player of the Day.

Players of the Day at the Texas Slam 2023 will receive a Diadem Gift Card and a bag from Uptown Tennis.

This year anyone can submit Player of the Day nominations throughout the Texas Slam.

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