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Sportsmanship rising to new heights

The Texas Slam 2023 starts tomorrow, Friday, June 9, and this year's tournament will not only feature the top talent in Texas, but also some new features designed to highlight and promote great sportsmanship:


Since 2017, Player of the Day has been a fixture of the Slam. Previously, selections were made by tournament officials and staff as a way to recognize outstanding play and sportsmanship. This year, we're opening up nominations to everyone attending the tournament - players, parents, coaches, officials, and staff. Be on the look out for outstanding play, noteworthy interactions, and great sportsmanship.

To nominate, simply fill out THIS FORM or look for a QR code at your site throughout the tournament.


Great sportsmanship isn't just about calling balls in or out and not smashing racquets, it's about being your best self on and off the court and helping create a positive, competitive community around the game we love.

Many of you may remember the USTA Texas player oath (and some of you can probably still recite it!). This year, thanks to the efforts of the USTA Texas Sportsmanship Committee, we're launching a new sportsmanship pledge with a focus on service.

To promote the new pledge, you'll see a both at tomorrow's PLAYER PARTY as well as handy business card sized version of the oath and Player of the Day submission code included in each player packet.

You will also see the sportsmanship pledge posted at sites where you can scan the code and take the pledge. When you take it online, you'll receive a digital badge to show at sites, or just to show off (in a good-sporty-way, of course.)

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