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Whether it's a racquet tap at the end of a match, giving a fair line call, or going out of your way to help an opponent, your sportsmanship is what makes tennis such an incredible sport. Even the little things always add up on and off the court and USTA Texas is proud to recognize the many ways you show your sportsmanship every time you play.


Sportsmanship is central to tennis, and USTA Texas and the Texas Slam are dedicated to promoting a fair competitive atmosphere. Additionally, USTA Texas is committed to supporting players in their efforts to be respectful and fair competitors through raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors.


We're proud to launch a new way to commit to sportsmanship and share that you're on board to help make tennis the best it can be. Take the sportsmanship pledge today! 


Mateus Chen, Sebastian Delgado, Sebastian Delgado, Sebastian Delgado, Lila Fuller, Ernesto Gonzalez, Shaye Grant, Nathaniel Kiblinger, Justin Koth, Justin Lu, Valerie Macharia, Matteo Mejia, Elijah Mireles, Sidney Nagel, Arnav Parekh, Will Parker, Will Parker, Cameron Perez, Rushil Rajpal, John Rectenwald, Andrew Reiman, Falak Sangha, William Satery, Jaren Scarborough, Wyatt Stephens, Emma Thoms, Ethan Thrower, Leyton Wang, Lenny Xu, Jack Yurich


Congratulations to the 2023 Texas Slam Player of the Day Winners:

Valentina Franck, Raj GaitondeJazmyne Ford-Schartner, Elijah Mireles, Cate Stephenson


Congratulations to all of this year's Player of the Day Nominees:


James Andrew Ross, Ashraf Bennani, Brooke Bolinger, Brandon Brown, Logan Bryan, Shona Bvunzawabaya, Aidan Cebe, Shae Felkner, Elaine Flachs, Luke Flachs, Jazmyne Ford Schartner, Valentina Franck, Emily Fraser, Raj Gaitonde, Nico Garcia, Gavin Golod, Mariel Herrera, Rishabh Jayadev, Dana Locke, John Maloy, Rudy Mazzola, Paige McCullum, Marko Mikic, Elijah Mireles, Marcelo Mora, Aadit Naik, Holden Neus, Evalyn Nguyen, Eddie Pastor, Anish Row, Jazmyne Schartner, Jonathan Seder, Aarav Seth, Zlata Shakhraichuk, Aarush Srivastava, cate stephenson, Amanda Tang, Samantha Tong, Maddox Tran, Gavin Tucker, Rev Wicks, Macie Xu, Swadhin Yerragudi


Each year, two outstanding junior participants are recognized for their sportsmanship across the entire week fo the Texas Slam. They receive the prestigious Nancy Jeffett Sportsmanship Award  for girls and Clarence Mabry Sportsmanship Award for boys. These players distinguished themselves by showing the true spirit of tennis sportsmanship. 

2023 Nancy Jeffett Sportsmanship Award

Emily Fraser (Cypress)

2023 Clarence Mabry Sportsmanship Award

Kash Kelso (Paint Rock)
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