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2023 Player of the Day

Since 2017, Player of the Day has been a fixture of the Slam. Previously, selections were made by tournament officials and staff as a way to recognize outstanding play and sportsmanship.


This year, we're opening up nominations to everyone attending the tournament - players, parents, coaches, officials, and staff. Be on the look out for outstanding play, noteworthy interactions, and great sportsmanship.



Congratulations to the 2023 Texas Slam Player of the Day Winners:

Valentina Franck, Raj GaitondeJazmyne Ford-Schartner, Elijah Mireles, Cate Stephenson


Congratulations to all of this year's Player of the Day Nominees:


James Andrew Ross, Ashraf Bennani, Brooke Bolinger, Brandon Brown, Logan Bryan, Shona Bvunzawabaya, Aidan Cebe, Shae Felkner, Elaine Flachs, Luke Flachs, Jazmyne Ford Schartner, Valentina Franck, Emily Fraser, Raj Gaitonde, Nico Garcia, Gavin Golod, Mariel Herrera, Rishabh Jayadev, Dana Locke, John Maloy, Rudy Mazzola, Paige McCullum, Marko Mikic, Elijah Mireles, Marcelo Mora, Aadit Naik, Holden Neus, Evalyn Nguyen, Eddie Pastor, Anish Row, Jazmyne Schartner, Jonathan Seder, Aarav Seth, Zlata Shakhraichuk, Aarush Srivastava, cate stephenson, Amanda Tang, Samantha Tong, Maddox Tran, Gavin Tucker, Rev Wicks, Macie Xu, Swadhin Yerragudi

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